• For a low carbon future


    Climate change has been a big threat to our earth, and to pursue a sustainable low carbon future has become a global consensus, so in December of 2015, a landmark agreement was reached in Paris with the common aim to combat the climate change

  • Automatic and Intelligent Weather and Environment Station


    Environmental issues has become a global topics and concerns, so more and more automatic and intelligent weather station has been built to monitor the changing weather, pollution sources

  • Mud and rock flow disaster monitoring and alarm system


    As mud and rock flow disaster normally happen in a sudden, so the disaster control department has been looking for an advanced monitoring and alarm system

  • Noise Monitor


    Noise pollution has become one of the main pollution in the world, which has affected people’s life, study and work, and this has arose people’s attention to noise pollution, then request for noise monitor system in residential area have be aroused