• Traffic Flow and Speeding Monitoring for Tunnel and Bridge


    When there comes bad weather, traffic accident and traffic jam are very easy to happen, so it is very necessary to build an intelligent and efficient automatic monitoring system, especially in some areas, like tunnel and bridge

  • Logistics Vehicles Positioning and Monitoring System


    With thousands of packages have been shipped daily, the logistics companies have to increase their logistics vehicle team, so how to monitor and manage all the vehicles, including location, speed, arrival time, etc , and offer better service for customer?

  • Refrigerator Truck


    Refrigerator truck has been widely used for carrying seafood, medicine, dangerous cargo, so how to monitor the temperature and humidity of wagon box in real time to ensure the security of cargo, reduce the loss, has become a challenge

  • High Speed Road Tunnel Monitoring System


    China is a country with thousands of mountains, so there are many tunnels and bridges along with the high speed road, so the transportation department is looking for an intelligent, high efficient automatic monitoring system

  • Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System


    There are so many buses running on the road every day in China, and the fleet management companies have been looking for a tracking and monitoring system that can help them to manage the vehicles of company