Rainwater collection remote monitoring and control system

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Background and Challenge
Currently, urban roads, residential areas and riverside are facing stagnant water disaster during the rain and flood season, which is becoming more and more serious in recent years. On the other hand, due to the increase in hardened ground, fast rainwater convergence, which cause a lot of rain water loss, without penetrating into the soil and supplying groundwater, leading to the increasingly lack of groundwater resources.
Lack of water resources has become a worldwide problem, while the traditional water resources development method can no longer increase the water supply, rainwater recycle becomes an economical and practical way for water resources development. What’s more, it solves urban water shortage and flood disaster problems.
Collection system refers to the whole process of rainwater collection, mainly including four aspects: early abandon flow - filter - storage - recycling. Rainwater collection can achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection, reduce the emissions of rain, making water available when the drought or emergencies (e.g. fire disaster) occur. Also it can be used as non-drinking waters, saving water supply, reduce the cost of water treatment.
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System requirements
The system consists of 2 parts: control station, data center and control center
1.Control Station
The control station is a rainwater processing site, integrated with PLC, sensors and flowmeters and wireless data transmission terminal(such as Bivocom TD210 Modem, TR321, TR341 router, RTU TY511), to collect the real time data of water level, pressure, current, voltage, turn on/off the valve, etc., and wireless transmission terminal used for transfer the data to data center through 3G/4G/NB-IOT network.
2.Data center and control center
The center software in data center is for data storage and distribution, and control center
And control center consists of data server, printer, management center, display screen and mobile control, to display the status of the front end equipment, compute, analyze, monitor the real time data, and process the data, send fault alarm message, etc.

System Architecture



Rainwater collection remote control system can effectively solve the worldwide problem of how to improve the water permeability, effectively collect and use the valuable rainwater resources; and effectively solve the urban road rainwater infiltration, construction rainwater storage, farm rain and flood storage and other practical problems

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