Mud and rock flow disaster monitoring and alarm system

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Background and Challenges

Mud and rock flow disaster happens in mountain area during rainy season every year, and it destroys railway, house, road as well as town and village, and threaten people’s life and their property. As type of this disaster normally happen in a sudden, so the disaster control department has been looking for an advanced monitoring and alarm system

System Requirements

The whole system includes rainfall, geographic disaster monitoring, video surveillance, data collection and transmission, and data center and alarm system, and the disaster control department is able to remote monitor the rainfall in real time through data collection system and video or picture capture system, and send alarm announcement to people live in that area.
System Architecture


1. Remote monitor the rainfall, mudflow, flooding either in data, picture or video
2. Alarm SMS and LED display system support
Model to choose
BIVOCOM TD210 Series IP Modem

Model Description Image
TD210-G Industrial GPRS IP Modem
TD210-C Industrial CDMA IP Modem
TD210-W Industrial WCDMA IP Modem
TD210-T Industrial TD-SCDMA IP Modem
TD210-E Industrial EVDO IP Modem
TD210-LT Industrial LTE/TD-SCDMA IP Modem
TD210-LF Industrial LTE/WCDMA IP Modem
TD210-A Industrial TDD/FDD IP Modem
BIVOCOM TR321 Series Router

Model Description Image
TR321-G Industrial GPRS Router
TR321-C Industrial CDMA Router
TR321-W Industrial WCDMA Router
TR321-T Industrial TD-SCDMA Router
TR321-E Industrial EVDO Router
TR321-LT Industrial LTE/TD-SCDMA Router
TR321-LF Industrial LTE/WCDMA Router
TR321-A Industrial TDD/FDD Router
BIVOCOM TR341 Series Router

Model Description Image
TR341-G Industrial GPRS Router
TR341-C Industrial CDMA Router
TR341-W Industrial WCDMA Router
TR341-T Industrial TD-SCDMA Router
TR341-E Industrial EVDO Router
TR341-LT Industrial LTE/TD-SCDMA Router
TR341-LF Industrial LTE/WCDMA Router
TR341-A Industrial TDD/FDD Router
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