OEM & ODM Service

Fast, Flexible & Customized Service
Win-win Cooperation

Bring your ideas into reality!

The applications IoT and M2M industry is changing, so we understand that for some applications, you may look for a specific hardware for dedicated projects, such as, a complete new hardware, or more IO, serial ports, customized protocols, etc., we care each customer’s concepts or ideas of making the right solutions for the industry. So we welcome OEM and ODM projects.
OEM/ODM Service We Offer
1. White label on both hardware and firmware
2. Complete new hardware design
3. PCB design
4. Hardware manufacturing
5. Customized firmware
6. IoT platform customization
Our advantages of OEM/ODM
1. 10+ years industry experience.
2. Strong RD team, dedicated product manager to understand your needs, and offer consulting service.
3. Two manufacturing facilities with 10 SMT lines, capacity of 500,000 pcs monthly output, certified by ISO9001:2008, ISO9001:2015, ISO 14001, RoHs, etc.
4. Cost effective RD cost and solution price, shorter lead time.
Share your concepts and ideas of IoT with us now!





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