5G IoT Routers&Gateways

Bivocom provides industrial 5G routers, gateways for IoT, M2M, and eMBB applications requiring higher speed, lower latency data transmission
TR323 front view 45
Industrial Mini 5G Router TR323
5G or 4G LTE, dual SIM
2-GbE, 1-RS232, 2-RS485, GNSS, WIFI Modbus, MQTT, VPN
5G IoT Gateway TG453
Industrial 5G IoT Gateway TG453
5G/4G LTE, 5-RJ45(GbE),1-RS232, 2-RS485, 1-Power Output, 1-TF, 2.4G WIFI, GNSS OpenWRT Linux OS, Python, C/C++
TG463 5G router
5G IoT Gateway with I/O TG463
5G/4G LTE, 2.4G/5G WIFI, 5x GE(4 PoE), 1-RS232, 1-RS485, 2-DI, 3-ADC, 3-DO, Linux OS, Openwrt, Python/C/C++

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