Smart Pole Gateway

Bivocom smart pole gateways integrated with data acquisition, network routing and switching, lighting control, and edge computing functionalities
Smart Pole Gateway TG473
2-SFP, 8-RJ45(GbE, 4-PoE), 2-RS485, 3-DI, 3-Relay, WIFI, 2-DC power output
Upgrading Your Traditional Pole to Smart Pole with Bivocom Smart Pole Gateways

In the rapidly evolving smart city landscape, traditional street poles are undergoing a transformation into smart poles, enhancing their functionality and efficiency. By integrating Bivocom Smart Pole Gateways, cities can upgrade their infrastructure to provide a wide range of services, from lighting to surveillance, environmental monitoring, and more. 

Why Upgrade to Smart Poles?

Smart poles represent the future of urban infrastructure. They not only improve the aesthetics of cityscapes but also enhance public safety, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. By incorporating smart pole gateways, these poles can become central hubs for multiple IoT devices and sensors, allowing for seamless integration and management of various services.
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