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2 Ways of Building Your Own Application on IoT Routers and Gateways

This article shows you 2 ways of building your own application on Bivocom IoT routers and gateways under OpenWRT based Linux OS.   2 Types of Development Environments Bivocom provides toolchain (MOQ required), and developers can compile their own application code and install the application on LINUX OS Bivocom provides a hardware with pure OpenWRT […]
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AWS IoT Core

How to Connect Bivocom IoT Router with AWS IoT Core

This article tells you how to quickly connect Bivocom IoT routers and Gateways to AWS IoT Core, and transfer the data from IoT router to AWS IoT core via MQTT protocol over 4G network.   What You Need? Create an AWS account AWS IoT SDK Bivocom 4G IoT Router TR321(32M Flash Version supports Python programming) […]
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How to Set Up IoT Gateway Under Latest OpenWrt 22.03.0?

This article shows you how to set up basic configuration of Bivocom 5G&4G IoT gateway TG453 and TG463 under latest OpenWrt version 22.03.0 environment.   What You Need? Bivocom TG453, TG463 IoT Gateway with latest Openwrt version 22.03.0 built-in An IoT developer with knowledge of OpenWrt   Steps of Settings and Configurations 1. Login Web […]
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How to Connect IoT Routers/Gateways to Bivocom IoT Platform?

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to connect your IoT routers or gateways to Bivocom IoT platform.   1. What You Need? Bivocom IoT Router or Gateway  TR321, TR341, TG451, TG452, TG462(S), TG453, TG463 Bivocom IoT Platform Demo Bivocom provides customizable web page based IoT platform with on premise service. The platform […]
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How to Configure Bivocom TG451 Captive Portal for HotspotSystem?

This quick guide tells you how to quickly configure Bivocom IoT Gateway TG451 captive portal and Coova Chilli for Hotspots System users.   What You Need?   Bivocom Router TG451 Bivocom TG451 is an industrial IoT gateway designed for applications like vehicle WIFI, water pump station, power substation, traffic light, etc. Bivocom designed a customized […]
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How to Connect Bivocom IoT Router to Ubidots via MQTT?

This quick guide tells you how to quickly connect Bivocom IoT Router TR321 to Ubidots cloud IoT platform and send data via MQTT.   What You Needs   Modbus Slave Tool A tool to simulate an IoT sensor to send data in Modbus protocol.   Bivocom 4G IoT Router TR321 An industrial IoT router for […]
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4 Steps to Set Up RTC Time on Industrial IoT Router TR321

This quick guide tells you how to set up RTC time on Bivocom industrial IoT router TR321 in just 4 steps. Before we get started, let’s figure out what is RTC(real time clock). 1. What is RTC? An RTC(real time clock) is built in electronic devices including IoT sensor, IoT router, gateways, RTUs, and computers, […]
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How to Upgrade IoT Gateway TG451 by RS232 Cable?

This article tells you how to use the USB to RS232 Cable (if your laptop doesn’t have RS232 port, a USB to RS232 converter is required) to upgrade your TG451 with latest version of firmware.   You may wonder why shall I use RS232 cable to upgrade firmware of TG451? Normally, TG451 supports firmware upgraded […]
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How to Enable OPC UA on IoT Gateway

This quick guide tells you how to enable OPC UA on Bivocom IoT gateway in just 4 steps, and collect OPC UA data from IoT gateway in JSON format. 1.    Basic Setting Enable or disable the data collect feature, setting the data acquire and report period and other related options. Data Collect: Enable or disable […]
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How to Transfer the Data from RTU to IoT Router?

How to transfer the data from your field RTU to an IoT Router via RS232/RS485 transmission mode or MQTT mdoe?  This article may help you. Example: Below are questions from a customer who wants to upgrade its field RTU data to cloud by using a 4G IoT router.   I have a question to ask […]
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