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How IoT Empowers The Building Management System(BMS)?

What is BMS, and what key systems BMS consists of? And How IoT empowers the BMS? This article may help you to know more about BMS and its relationship with IoT.   What is Building Management Systems(BMS)? Building Management Systems (BMS), also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS), are computer-based control systems that manage and […]
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Signal booster

How IoT Helps to Monitor and Manage Signal Booster Remotely?

Background In today’s connected and digital world, cellular coverage has played a critical role in daily business operation and daily life. People communicate with each other by mobile phones over cellular network 5G/4G LTE, while connected devices exchange data via IoT (Internet of Things) technology, and autonomous vehicles running on the road, etc., all these […]
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How to Enable OPC UA Function

This quick guide tells you how to enable OPC UA on Bivocom IOT routers, including router and OPC UA software settings.      Router Settings Enable data collect at basic setting. 2. Chose the right COM port and protocol, then click save and apply. 3. Setup the modbus rules and use Modbus slave to simulate […]
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traffic light

How IoT Simplifies the Smart Traffic Light System?

Smart traffic light system has helped the city manager reduce traffic congestion, and carbon emissions, as well as improve the living and working conditions of the community. Today, we’re going to share with you a successful case that how IoT simplifies the smart traffic light system for authorities in Asia.   Challenges City Manager Faced […]
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2 Ways of Building Your Own Application on IoT Routers and Gateways

This article shows you 2 ways of building your own application on Bivocom IoT routers and gateways under OpenWRT based Linux OS.   2 Types of Development Environments Bivocom provides toolchain (MOQ required), and developers can compile their own application code and install the application on LINUX OS Bivocom provides a hardware with pure OpenWRT […]
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AWS IoT Core

How to Connect Bivocom IoT Router with AWS IoT Core

This article tells you how to quickly connect Bivocom IoT routers and Gateways to AWS IoT Core, and transfer the data from IoT router to AWS IoT core via MQTT protocol over 4G network.   What You Need? Create an AWS account AWS IoT SDK Bivocom 4G IoT Router TR321(32M Flash Version supports Python programming) […]
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OpenWrt banner

How to Set Up IoT Gateway Under Latest OpenWrt 22.03.0?

This article shows you how to set up basic configuration of Bivocom 5G&4G IoT gateway TG453 and TG463 under latest OpenWrt version 22.03.0 environment.   What You Need? Bivocom TG453, TG463 IoT Gateway with latest Openwrt version 22.03.0 built-in An IoT developer with knowledge of OpenWrt   Steps of Settings and Configurations 1. Login Web […]
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How to Connect IoT Routers/Gateways to Bivocom IoT Platform?

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to connect your IoT routers or gateways to Bivocom IoT platform.   1. What You Need? Bivocom IoT Router or Gateway  TR321, TR341, TG451, TG452, TG462(S), TG453, TG463 Bivocom IoT Platform Demo Bivocom provides customizable web page based IoT platform with on premise service. The platform […]
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