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3 Steps to Build Your IoT Demo

3 Steps to Build Your IoT Project   Want to know the environment condition of your greenhouse, server room, factory or substation of electricity from anywhere and anytime? Thanks to the IoT technology, your IoT concept can be easily realized.   Today, we’re going to show you how to build a simple IoT demonstration in […]
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Bivocom Helps to Monitor Parameters of Wastewater Discharge

Do you know where our daily life’s water goes? It flows through the city and town’s sewer system, then delivered to wastewater treatment plants, and clean up before discharge to river or stream, or reuse for agriculture irrigation, etc. While some of the main parameters that were monitored in the final stage before discharge or […]
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amr modem td210

TD210 modem for AMR

A national grid company has chosen Bivocom TD210 modem to replace its old technology devices, the TD210 modem is a great solution for the smart grid application, easier for customer to get the field data, and remote monitor, control the whole system anytime and anywhere.
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