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IoT-based Intelligent Power Inspection Robot

With the development of technology, power inspection robot is widely used in various industries. For example, in industrial production, building maintenance, traffic management, security monitoring, as well as healthcare, intelligent inspection robots are used. Therefore, intelligent power inspection robot is required in many different industries and plays an important role in today’s society. As an […]
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How 5G and IoT Empowers Automatic Inspection of Water Conservancy

Background The underwater structures of hydropower stations, reservoirs, dams and other water conservancy projects are under water all year long and operate under complex water flow environment, so it is inevitable that there will be damage such as abrasion and exposed sinew. However, the traditional safety monitoring methods are generally to check the upper water […]
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IoT-Based Hybrid Power Generation Station

What Is Hybrid Power Station? The energy shortage and other energy problems have been a challenge in today’s world, and the energy crisis lasted for a long time. As a vital solution to solve the emergency energy needs for some specific applications, the hybrid power station has become more and more popular, not only helpful […]
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IoT-based Intelligent Monitoring System for Gas Cabinet

Background   In recent years, with the development of urbanization, gas has become one of the infrastructures of modernization construction. At present, digital technology is used to promote the intelligent construction of gas all over the country, continuously improve the informatization level of gas supervision, and realize the intelligent supervision and alert of the whole […]
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