IoT-Based Hybrid Power Generation Station

What Is Hybrid Power Station

The energy shortage and other energy problems have been a challenge in today’s world, and the energy crisis lasted for a long time. As a vital solution to solve the emergency energy needs for some specific applications, the hybrid power station has become more and more popular, not only helpful for alleviating the pressure of energy shortage, but also, for saving energy and environment protection.


You may wonder, what is hybrid power station? The hybrid energy power station has the same principle as the hybrid electric vehicle, which is mainly composed of renewable energy(solar, wind power, etc.), diesel generator, lithium battery energy storage system, energy management system (EMS). The solar panel or wind power is used for generating the electricity, while the diesel generator is for power backup. And the generated electricity can be stored in the battery bank for future use. And the EMS is used to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of the generation or transmission system. The hybrid power station has on-grid and off-grid solutions. It has been widely used in different scenarios, such as bridge and tunnel, building construction, data center, sport stadium, conference, industrial plant, etc., or in remote or island areas, where the grid coverage is insufficient and unstable.

IoT Technology Used in Hybrid Power Station

By using the IoT, 5G/4G, big data and cloud IoT platform technology in hybrid power station, the operator can remotely monitor and manage the whole system, such as, how much electricity is generated by renewable energy(solar or wind), and the amount of electricity is consumed, in addition, it also helps to monitor the oil level of generator to ensure it’s at the certain level or send worker to refill the oil. What’s more, by integrating with the EMS(energy management system), it will help to ensure the whole system operate healthily and safely.

System Composition

  1. Power Sources

For off-grid hybrid power station, electricity mainly generated by solar panel or wind turbine. Besides, the diesel generator is used to back up the whole system.

  1. Battery Storage System

To store the extra power generated from power sources, and used at night or when renewable energy is hard to get. It helps to reduce the noise from generator, as well as carbon emission.

  1. Energy Management System

And intelligent system integrated with IoT technology, to control, manage and optimize the whole power system.

  1. Cloud IoT Platform

To remotely monitor and manage the whole system.


Advantages of Hybrid Power Station

  1. Reduce carbon emissions and lower electricity costs

Both energy storage system and diesel-generating provide power supply, with peak shaving and valley filling, so that the generator always runs in the high-efficiency area, with high power supply reliability, energy saving and fuel saving. What‘s more, the excessive energy generated by diesel gen-set could be stored in lithium battery energy storage system for next use. It reduces the consumption of energy greatly.

  1. Less time for diesel generator and lower noisy

The energy management system automatically (EMS) identifies load variation, shuts down diesel and starts the power supply of battery automatically, avoiding idle diesel and saving fuel. And the lower load at night, and battery alone operates for the living area without noise.

  1. High reliability and fast response

Battery undertakes the ripple load, and diesel station runs with a stable load, so that hybrid energy power stations can adjust the amplitude and frequency of output voltage rapidly. It provides a reliable power source capable to compensate voltage flickers, short power outages and production peaks and brings convenience to our production and life.

  1. Strong environmental adaptability

The battery is cooled by air conditioning. And the wide operating temperature range of 20~45 °C or -30~55 °C optional. What’s more, it is suitable for deserts or tropics that heat insulation reflective paint on the surface of container.

  1. Intelligent Monitoring and Operation

With the technical support of IoT, big data and cloud computing, users can operate by the EMS energy management system remotely and can get electricity consumption, load data through the Bivocom IoT cloud platform. Moreover, it supports remote start and stop, operation mode configuration, views statistical reports, monitors operation status, and maintenance, which simplifies management greatly.


Application Scenarios

For instance, on the construction site, the equipment starts and stops frequently so that the traditional Diesel engines have to run continuously, and runs at empty load, which causes a waste of energy. However, under the IoT smart hybrid power station system, the diesel generator stops and battery runs for backup power when equipment stops. Furthermore, through industrial 5G/4G IoT edge gateway and IoT platform, it is efficient and convenient for operator to check the situation of machine operating and battery storage system and control the on-site devices remotely.



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