Archive of month: December 2019

Bivocom HMI Touch Screen 4G IoT Edge Gateway

TG462S HMI Touch Screen IoT Edge Gateway

Now, you can rely on Bivocom to bring your IoT idea and concept to reality easily. Check below picture to see how Bivocom Touch Screen 4G IoT Edge Gateway TG462S can help you, which integrated with 7” HD touch screen, DI/DO, ADC, RS232/RS485, relay, Power output, USB, SD, what’s more, you’re able to design your […]
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TY511 for Water Level Monitor&Alarm

There are many cities surrounding by rivers or lakes, and it makes our city more beautiful, however, it may also bring us floods. But we can set up a monitor and alarm system to reduce the risk of damage by using 4G and IoT technology. Check below pictures to see how Bivocom TY511 RTU helps […]
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Bivocom TR321 for smart EV charging point

TR321 Used for Smart EV Charging Point

This is another successful case that Bivocom’s industrial 4G router TR321 is used for EV charging point remote monitor and control in Shanghai. The Bivocom industrial 4G Router TR321 is an Openwrt based 4g router designed for IoT and M2M applications, it has 2 Ethernet ports and 1 RS232, 1 RS485 for connecting to your […]
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Bivocom CALA Distributor Visit Xiamen Office

Dec 10, 2019, Xiamen, China, Bivocom CALA distributor visit Xiamen office, and had a great meeting to discuss about the further cooperation in 2020. Till now, there are more than 90-country and Region partners cooperate with Bivocom on creating a smarter and better world. As a leading wireless terminal and solution provider for IoT and […]
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