Archive of month: April 2023


How IoT Empowers The Building Management System(BMS)?

What is BMS, and what key systems BMS consists of? And How IoT empowers the BMS? This article may help you to know more about BMS and its relationship with IoT.   What is Building Management Systems(BMS)? Building Management Systems (BMS), also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS), are computer-based control systems that manage and […]
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Bivocom Unveils Its Smallest 5G IoT Router TR323

Background 5G is a new generation of mobile communication technology featuring high speed, low latency, wide connection and large bandwidth. Through the integration with the IoT, big data, cloud computing, and edge computing, etc., 5G will truly open up the era of the Internet of everything and new incremental space. And 5G promotes the digital […]
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