Archive of month: September 2020

How to use Bivocom TG451 and PZEM-016 to monitor AC power

This is a quick video a how to use Bivocom 4G IoT Gateway TG451 and AC energy power PZEM-016 to remotely monitor your AC power consumption. PZEM-016—RS485—->TG451(Modbus to Json over MQTT)—-4G—>IoT platform(MQTT server) TG451 is an industrial IoT gateway, supports 5 ethernet ports, 1-RS232, RS485, DI, DO(Relay), USB, with protocols of Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT, VPN, […]
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Bivocom Helps Indonesia Telcos to Remote Monitor Facilities

Bivocom TG451 IoT Gateway is used to monitor the temperature, humidity, fuel, and flow of genset and diesel tank of Indonesia Telco’s onsite facilities. The Bivocom TG451 is an industrial IoT gateway comes with rich I/O, RS232, RS485, RJ45, DI, DO(Relay), USB port, idea for types of sensors connect to one device, it supports MQTT, […]
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Bivocom IoT and RFID Technology Empowers Irrigation

Bivocom’s customized RTU TJ710 has been used for the irrigation of agriculture in Xinjiang, China. TJ710 is a 4G RTU with rich I/O and RFID enabled, allows the water department to remote monitor and control the status of water usage and operation of the pump, and farmer can use an RFID card to pay for […]
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Industrial Area VOC Monitor and Alarm Solution

Bivocom 4G MQTT modem TD210 helps the Environment Department to monitor VOC(Volatile organic compounds) in the industrial area. TD210 is an industrial MCU built-in cellular modem that provides robust and reliable 4G/3G connectivity, capable of converting Modbus to JSON and transfer the data over MQTT.
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