Archive of month: August 2020

bivocom-rtu-tg501-used-for-gas-alarm-and-monitor-system tg501-gas

Bivocom RTU TG501 Used For Gas Alarm And Monitor System

Bivocom RTU TG501 has been used for gas monitor and alarm systems of China Resources Gas, helping the gas company to monitor the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of gas pipeline. TG501 is a compact design RTU, supports rich I/O: RS232, RS485, Digital input, analog input, relay output, and power output, ideal for the application […]
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touch-screen-iot-edge-gateway wastewater

How Bivocom IoT Technology Helps To Optimize Wastewater Treatment

IoT technology has been used for optimizing the wastewater treatment plant for years, helping the plant manager to remotely monitor the water quality, flow rate, pump status, energy usage, and control the onsite equipment. For managers, they may more care about data and the whole system, while for field engineers, maintenance is one of their […]
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LTE CAT-M and NB-IoT will coexist with other 5G components

According to the white paper from GSMA, LTE CAT M1(LTE CAT-M) and NB-IoT will coexist with other 5G components. So we can imagine that more mobile operators will continue to invest in their LTE-M and NB-IoT network, and consider it as an integral part of their long term 5G IoT strategies. Bivocom LTE-M/NB-IoT modem TW810 […]
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