How Bivocom IoT Technology Helps To Optimize Wastewater Treatment

IoT technology has been used for optimizing the wastewater treatment plant for years, helping the plant manager to remotely monitor the water quality, flow rate, pump status, energy usage, and control the onsite equipment. For managers, they may more care about data and the whole system, while for field engineers, maintenance is one of their big concerns.

Bivocom TG462S touch screen IoT Edge Gateway has brought an unprecedented user experience for onsite maintenance engineer versus traditional IoT gateway, the engineer can view the data of sensors and equipment from its 7″ HD touch screen, configure the gateway without using your laptop, as well as control your onsite equipment. Besides, the QT program development environment allows developers to design their own UI of the screen.

Please refer to below link to learn more about TG462S

TG462S Touch Screen IoT Edge Gateway

7″ touch screen ARM based IoT edge gateway, provides a better user experience for field data display and maintenance
● High-performance ARM-based CPU
● 2-RJ45, 4-RS232, 3-RS485, 4-DI, 8-ADC,   4-Relay, 5-Power Output, 1-I2C, 1-TTL, USB
● 7” HD Touch screen (Only for TG462S)
● Up to 1GB flash, 1-Micro SD card supports up to 32GB data and program storage
● LTE CAT 6/CAT4* provides ample bandwidth for high data demand
● GPS* and WIFI*
● Capacity of collecting, processing and storing data locally, and transferring the data over cellular network
● Easy to use and program the gateway, customizable for your applications
● Secondary Customization and OEM/ODM are available


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