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Enhancing River Monitoring with Bivocom’s TG462S Touch Screen IoT Gateway

Enhancing River Monitoring with Bivocom’s TG462S Touch Screen IoT Gateway In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in environmental monitoring and disaster management, the utilization of IoT solutions has proven to be instrumental in ensuring the safety and sustainability of critical infrastructures. Recently, Bivocom’s cutting-edge touch screen IoT gateway, the TG462S, has been […]
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When IoT Meets Geological Exploration Drilling

Have you ever thought about what would happen when IoT meets geological exploration drilling? Before we talk this, let’s figure out what is geological exploration drilling, and why we need it?   What Is Exploration Drilling?   Exploration Drilling is used in the mineral mining sector to probe the contents of known ore deposits or to […]
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Wastewater treatment to river

Bivocom Helps to Monitor Parameters of Wastewater Discharge

Do you know where our daily life’s water goes? It flows through the city and town’s sewer system, then delivered to wastewater treatment plants, and clean up before discharge to river or stream, or reuse for agriculture irrigation, etc. While some of the main parameters that were monitored in the final stage before discharge or […]
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touch-screen-iot-edge-gateway wastewater

How Bivocom IoT Technology Helps To Optimize Wastewater Treatment

IoT technology has been used for optimizing the wastewater treatment plant for years, helping the plant manager to remotely monitor the water quality, flow rate, pump status, energy usage, and control the onsite equipment. For managers, they may more care about data and the whole system, while for field engineers, maintenance is one of their […]
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Plug and Play TG462S with Cabinet Launched

Xiamen, China, March 20, 2020, Bivocom Technologies, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M has launched a plug and play TG462S touch screen edge gateway with cabinet, to meet the increasing needs for total solution from specific industries and customers.   The whole package includes TG462S touch screen edge gateway, Industrial power adapter, […]
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Innovative and smart pump solution

In most parts of Southeast Asia, the monsoon rains usually fall between June to October, and the sustaining heavy rain during the rainy season sometimes cause flood disaster and damages to the cities and villages, so the local government has been trying their best find the solutions to protect their citizen and reduce damage. Below […]
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