Plug and Play TG462S with Cabinet Launched

Xiamen, China, March 20, 2020, Bivocom Technologies, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M has launched a plug and play TG462S touch screen edge gateway with cabinet, to meet the increasing needs for total solution from specific industries and customers.


The whole package includes TG462S touch screen edge gateway, Industrial power adapter, backup battery, battery charger, power meter and IP65 cabinet.

With rich I/O like Ethernet ports, digital input, analog input, RS232, RS485, Relay output, etc., customers can connect their field IoT sensors or equipment to TG462S without adding additional IO board or PLC, which is a great save for both hardware and maintenance.

Besides, the 7” HD touch screen act as an HMI system that allows the users to check the real time and historic data without accessing to remote server, and control the external device’s turn on and turn off.

The ARM based architecture ensure the gateway running at 24*7, temperature ranging from -35C-75C。

Bivocom provides free SDK, open API, users and developers can design their own applications or touch screen UI on TG462S.


Just like human beings’ need for mobile phones, the IoT and M2M also need innovation for the ‘mobile phone’ that machines are using, and that is how Bivocom TG462S touch screen gateway comes out.

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