Archive of month: November 2020

Bivocom new office

Big Progress Bivocom Moved to Our Own New Office

What a special day for Bivocom! Bivocom moved to its own new office on Nov 11, 2020. Although this is the fourth time we changed our office in 6 years, that also means our growth never stops, our willingness to make great products and offer great support to the market never stop. Great thanks to […]
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Bivocom Smart Pole

Smart Poles Makes a Bright, Secure, Smart Park

Bivocom has installed 100 smart poles for a park in Southeastern China, bringing the citizen a bright, secure, clean, and smart park. Smart poles can be installed in street of city, roadside of highway, trail of park, or bus station, bringing us a bright, secure, clean and smart city. And the smart pole requires a […]
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