Archive of month: May 2022

mobile cell tower

Get Your Legacy IoT Solutions Upgraded Prior to 2G/3G Sunset

Technologies have changed our world so quickly, so has itself! As we all know, 2G/3G have been serving us for decades, thanks to this wireless technology and IoT technology, our world has become more connected and smarter-business owners can use the technology to remotely publish their advertisement via LED display, power companies are able to […]
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SNMP Diagram

How to Quickly Set Up SNMP on Bivocom Gateways

This quick guide tells you how to quickly set up SNMP on Bivocom Gateways and Routers. However, before we get started, if you’re new to SNMP, this article may help to understand What is SNMP? How SNMP work? 1.     What you need? 1.1 Bivocom Gateway/Router A Bivocom gateway TG451 with customized firmware of SNMP feature. […]
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