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Telecom site monitoring 1

Remote Telecom Site Monitoring System

Today, we’re going to share with you the IoT based remote telecom site monitoring system, and in this article, you’ll learn what is telecom site, what systems are telecom site consisted of? What is remote telecom site monitoring system, why we need it?   Let’s get started.   What is Telecom Site? Telecom site has […]
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Python and IoT

3 Steps to Run Python Program on IoT Gateway

This quick guide tells you how to quickly run Python program on Bivocom 5G NR IoT Gateway TG463 in just 3 steps. Before you start, make sure your firmware version is Python programmable version or later. Bivocom463- Note: Standard firmware version of TG463 doesn’t support Python programmable, so you’ll have to ask Bivocom team to […]
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How to Upgrade Your Legacy PLC to Cloud by IoT Router?

Got headache of remote controlling and managing your legacy PLC? Taking your laptop to field and update them time and time again should not be a good solution, it’s time to use the Bivocom TR321 IoT router to overcome these challenges. The following article tells you how to upgrade your legacy PLC with Bivocom TR321 […]
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3 Steps to Enable Node-RED of Bivocom TG452

Bivocom TG452 provides customized firmware of Node-RED for IoT developers and designers, this quick guide tells you how to quickly enable Node-RED of TG452 in just 3 steps. Note: Node-RED is only available on customized firmware of TG452, if you need it, please tell Bivocom sales rep. before you order it.   Check IP of […]
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How to Get Serial Data from IoT Router?

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable serial ports(RS232, RS485) and get serial data from Bivocom IoT router. All Bivocom Routers TR321 and TR341, and gateways TG451, TG452, TG453, TG462, TG463 comes with serial ports, so the guide is applicable to all these models unless the RS232 is used as debug port.   […]
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SMS reboot Router

How to use SMS to remotely set up your 4G IoT Router?

Have you ever thought about remotely configuring and setting up your IoT router by using SMS? In this article, we’re going to share with you some quick guide to reboot your IoT router, and check the signal strength, set up VPN(L2TP, PPTP) and firmware upgrade via sending SMS remotely.   Most customers remotely configure their […]
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