3 Steps to Enable Node-RED of Bivocom TG452

Bivocom TG452 provides customized firmware of Node-RED for IoT developers and designers, this quick guide tells you how to quickly enable Node-RED of TG452 in just 3 steps.

Note: Node-RED is only available on customized firmware of TG452, if you need it, please tell Bivocom sales rep. before you order it.


  1. Check IP of Gateway TG452


For the default gateway, you have to open “cmd”, then execute “ipconfig” command to query ip.

you can also define your gateway address at LAN setting. in my case the TG452 gateway is

IP of Gateway TG452


  1. Telnet TG452 to run Node-RED


For the Node-RED, you have to telnet to the CLI of TG452 (telnet, and then execute “node-RED” command to run it, then you will have Node-RED portal.

Telnet gateway TG452
  1. Login the Node-RED portal and experience it


Then you can login as below. Then you can start to experience the Node-RED programming environment to see how flexible it is for your IoT applications.

Login Node-RED portal
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