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3 Steps to Enable Node-RED of Bivocom TG452

Bivocom TG452 provides customized firmware of Node-RED for IoT developers and designers, this quick guide tells you how to quickly enable Node-RED of TG452 in just 3 steps. Note: Node-RED is only available on customized firmware of TG452, if you need it, please tell Bivocom sales rep. before you order it.   Check IP of […]
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Smart Industrial Control Cabinet for 5G Autonomous Vehicle

Bivocom’s industrial 4G IoT Edge Gateway TG462 has been used for a smart industrial control cabinet for 5G autonomous vehicle project in Xiongan district of Beijing, China, helping the autonomous vehicle solution provider to remote monitor the industrial control cabinet.   1. Background The industrial control cabinet is one of key infrastructures for this 5G […]
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When IoT Meets Geological Exploration Drilling

Have you ever thought about what would happen when IoT meets geological exploration drilling? Before we talk this, let’s figure out what is geological exploration drilling, and why we need it?   What Is Exploration Drilling?   Exploration Drilling is used in the mineral mining sector to probe the contents of known ore deposits or to […]
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