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How to Enable OPC UA on IoT Gateway

This quick guide tells you how to enable OPC UA on Bivocom IoT gateway in just 4 steps, and collect OPC UA data from IoT gateway in JSON format. 1.    Basic Setting Enable or disable the data collect feature, setting the data acquire and report period and other related options. Data Collect: Enable or disable […]
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TR321 diagram

How to Transfer the Data from RTU to IoT Router?

How to transfer the data from your field RTU to an IoT Router via RS232/RS485 transmission mode or MQTT mdoe?  This article may help you. Example: Below are questions from a customer who wants to upgrade its field RTU data to cloud by using a 4G IoT router.   I have a question to ask […]
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Industrial router 2-LAN TR321 bivocom

3 Steps to Upgrade Firmware on IoT Router

Bivocom IoT Router supports firmware upgrade via WEB UI, this quick guide tells you how to quickly upgrade firmware to Bivocom IoT Router TR321 in just 3 steps.   Note: As different hardware version may require different firmware version, so please contact Bivocom support team([email protected]) before you upgrade the firmware yourself, and check the label […]
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