IoT-based Intelligent Monitoring System for Gas Cabinet



In recent years, with the development of urbanization, gas has become one of the infrastructures of modernization construction. At present, digital technology is used to promote the intelligent construction of gas all over the country, continuously improve the informatization level of gas supervision, and realize the intelligent supervision and alert of the whole business and scene from pipe network, nodes, and equipment to gas cabinet users.

As an expert in the intelligent monitoring of gas cabinets, Bivocom has independently developed the edge computing gateway TG452 with the technical support of IoT, big data and cloud computing. TG452 integrates monitoring, collection, transmission, alert, management and control, and has been applied in the intelligent monitoring scheme of gas cabinet, which provides systematic, intelligent and digital intelligent security and service system for the safety of city gas cabinet.


System Solution


Bivocom’s intelligent monitoring solution for gas cabinets consists of sensing, transmission, and platform layer. Among them, the sensing layer, as the basic data source, is connected with the flowmeter, temperature transmitter, pressure gauge, gas detector, alarm, valve, etc., through the edge gateway TG452. While from the transport layer, the data of the gas cabinet can be remotely transmitted by the TG452 and sent to the monitoring IoT platform. This IoT platform can realize the collection and management of gas cabinet dynamic monitoring, equipment operating status, abnormal alarms, etc., providing convenient data services and professional decision analysis for managers.

Product Recommendation


By constructing monitoring environment together with temperature transmitter, pressure gauge, gas detector and other equipment, the edge computing gateway TG452 can realize real-time dynamic monitoring, remote management and one-button alarm functions of equipment status, operation and maintenance of gas cabinet. While ensuring the safe and stable operation of the gas cabinet, it can also effectively reduce the frequency of personnel inspection and reduce the cost of the whole life cycle management of the equipment.

Product Functions


  1. Intelligent Data Collection

TG452 can collect temperature, pressure, flammable and explosive gas, flow and other data of gas cabinets, and provide comprehensive safety detection services, so as to prevent in advance.

  1. Real-time Storage and Transmission

The real-time data collected by the sensors of each gas cabinet is automatically stored, and transmitted to the Bivocom monitoring IoT platform through 5G/4G, WIFI and other networks as well as supporting overseas operators’ networks, providing strong support for the safety management of gas cabinet.

  1. Remote Supervision

Through the connection between the gateway TG452 and the server, the management personnel can collect and track the gas cabinet parameters online through the monitoring platform. It is convenient for the management personnel to quickly respond and make decisions, and greatly reduces the consumption of manpower, material resources and time.

  1. Abnormal Alarm

When the monitoring data of the gas cabinet exceeds the limit threshold, TG452 can automatically alarm and accurately send alarm information to the manager in the first time, which helps the manager quickly carry out rescue work.

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