How IoT Simplifies the Smart Traffic Light System?

Smart traffic light system has helped the city manager reduce traffic congestion, and carbon emissions, as well as improve the living and working conditions of the community. Today, we’re going to share with you a successful case that how IoT simplifies the smart traffic light system for authorities in Asia.


Challenges City Manager Faced


Before IoT technologies were used in the smart traffic light system, there are some challenges and pain points the authorities faced

  1. There are different types of traffic light systems with different suppliers in the city
  2. The traffic light systems have their own platform, which is not convenient to manage the different systems.


IoT Based Smart Traffic Light Control System

A solution provider of smart traffic light control systems in Asia has used IoT technology to help the authorities to simplify the traffic light system, which enhances existing traffic control systems by providing central monitoring, data visualization & analytics through a single platform.


  • Different Traffic Light Control Systems

  • Single Centralized Traffic Light System

smart traffic light system 2
  • Diagram of Smart Traffic Light System

smart traffic light system 3

The solution provider of ITS(intelligent transportation system) has used an industrial 4G IoT router to connect to TCU(Traffic control unit) and added a traffic loop sensor or radar sensor, as well as a traffic AI camera to field traffic sign controller, which not only helped to merge different systems into the single dashboard, but it also made the whole system smarter than before.

traffic light control, smart traffic light



The IoT has not only helped the city authorities to make the whole system management and monitoring easier, but it also helped the drivers to spend less time waiting at the junction and made their journey smoother.

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