How 5G and IoT Empowers Automatic Inspection of Water Conservancy


The underwater structures of hydropower stations, reservoirs, dams and other water conservancy projects are under water all year long and operate under complex water flow environment, so it is inevitable that there will be damage such as abrasion and exposed sinew. However, the traditional safety monitoring methods are generally to check the upper water column by divers or to conduct manual inspection by lowering the water level, which is not only high cost and low efficiency, but also has a great negative impact on flood control safety and power production. And it puts the lives of the security operators at risk.

In the face of the urgent need of underwater structure defect monitoring in hydraulic engineering and the dilemma of limited existing inspection means, Bivocom adopts the 5G, IoT and sensor technology to independently develop the 5G gigabit IoT gateway TG463 with stable signal, high transmission rate and strong anti-interference, and applies it in the unmanned ship application. This solution can provide real-time image transmission, sonar image rendering and other functions in highly dangerous environment, highly polluted environment and waters with zero visibility. It not only guarantees the long-term safe operation of reservoir dam, but also improves the informatization and intelligent management level of hydropower dams.


System Solution     

The unmanned ship based on 5G gigabit IoT gateway TG463 can carry underwater detection equipment such as sonar, underwater high-definition camera and lighting as well as navigation and positioning equipment to monitor the real-time operation of underwater structures such as hydropower stations, reservoirs, dams, etc., and can mark structural damage, loss, cracks and aging of underwater structures as well as unstable body, erosion pit, landform, metal equipment corrosion and other problems. At the same time, this solution is based on the 5G wireless communication network with wide connection, large bandwidth, low delay and high speed, which can send back the high-definition image data collected by the unmanned ship in real time and send out different alarm information for different levels of emergency. What‘s more, managers can use multi-sensor data fusion, combined with inspection data, monitoring data, instability mechanism and aging life assessment to carry out remote control and risk diagnosis, timely eliminate hidden dangers of underwater structures, and ensure the normal operation of hydraulic engineering buildings.

Product Recommendation

Bivocom 5G Gigabit IoT Gateway TG463 integrates 5G, cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI technologies, supporting access radar, underwater camera, High precision navigation and positioning, etc. Through remote controlling, connecting with Bivocom unmanned ship monitoring platform, it can monitor low visibility waters and heavy silting areas and reach the monitoring position of underwater structures precisely by 5G wireless communication. In this way, the functions of intelligent controlling, automatic operation and autonomous inspection can be realized, which improve defect identification and location accuracy of underwater structures efficiently, like hydropower station, reservoir, dam, and enhance the efficiency of underwater unmanned operation, so as to satisfy operation and management demands of Unattended and cooperative operation.

Product Functions

  1. Precise Detection

It is equipped with sound, light and other detection equipment to obtain data, and uses deep neural network, cloud computing, big data to achieve multimodal data fusion, edge mapping and location calculation of detection targets, which can realize self-automatic and intelligent identification and troubleshooting.

  1. 24-Hours Power Supply

The lithium battery power supply can ensure the long-term underwater endurance of the power supply, so as to achieve round-the-clock working mode.

  1. No Blind Spot Sensing

In complex water flow environment, 360° underwater high-definition camera detection equipment is supported to multi-view and variable angle monitoring, so as to solve the problem of blind area under fixed view and realize the complete perception of underwater structures without blind area.

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