Reservoir Remote Monitor Solution

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Background and Challenges
China is a big country with lots of mountains, rivers and lakes, and flood disaster has been a big threat to the whole country, especially in southern of China, with a dense network of rivers and lakes. So building dams and reservoirs helps to reduce the incidents caused by flood disaster, and also can be for irrigation, power generation and aquaculture. However, reservoir may bring dangers to people, especially the stored water exceeds the alarm line, due to extremely rainstorm and flood, as that may cause dam break and collapse, which is a big threat to downstream communities, especially when unusual weather has become more frequently these year.

So the security of reservoir and dam is always important work for the certain departments, so a comprehensive system to monitor the real time rainfall in reservoir area and water level is needed. While the traditional monitor system is done by manual monitoring and wired, but this type of solution is labor costing and money costing, moreover, it is limited in coverage, as normally reservoirs and dams are built in remote area where wiring is inconvenient and hard to get, or with high cost, and it can’t meet the changing needs of new system, such as, wide coverage, real time and accuracy, automation, ease to build, cost-saving and reliability.

Thanks to the fast changing and developed technologies, such as, wireless transmission, monitoring, image compression, and that makes remote monitor and wireless video surveillance has come true, easy to build, 7/24 monitor, cost-saving, no wiring, unmanned attended, etc. This system to help the irrigation department to remote monitor the data of water level, rainfall, etc., as well as video surveillance, to provide the accurate and real time onsite info.
System Requirements
The reservoir and dam monitoring system uses modern checking technology, wireless communication, networking and computing technology, to collect real time data of rainfall and water level, as well as real time video or picture to ensure the security of whole reservoir area. 

1. Data collection system Collect data of rainfall, water level, picture capture or video surveillance, etc.

2. Wireless data transmission system BIVOCOM TD210 Series DTU, TR321 or TR341 Series Router, transfer data, picture or video through 4G/3G cellular network

3. Data center and control room Consist of data server, application server and monitor screen, to store, compute, analyze, monitor the real time data, and process the data, send alarm of flood disaster, etc.
1. Multi data center synchronous monitoring supported, including reservoir area, central and local government, to ensure more accurate and efficient monitoring.

2. Monitor water level, rainfall, video in real time, ensure the security of reservoir.

3. Real time picture or video capture supported 4. Support exceeding water level and rainfall auto alarm and SMS alarm, unmanned attended 5. Easy to check and analyze historic data.
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