Automatic Meter Reading of Electricity

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    National Grid APAC
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Background and Challenges
With the fast development of society, the requirement for power, either from commercial and residential has rapidly increased. While the problems and challenges for traditional reporting of power usage are very complex and couldn’t meet what power companies’ needs, easy to collect data and management, cost-effective, high efficiency, etc. As there are so many substations in different regions widely and remotely. Besides, it is really hard to manage, data collected manually may be wrong and missing through traditional system. Based on customer’s need, Bivocom recommends its Industrial cellular DTU(Data Transfer Unit, also called IP modem) TD210 series, which is based 4G/3G/2.5G cellular network to help customer solve their concerns.
System requirements
The whole system includes 2 main parts: 1. Front end data collection and transmission Includes smart meter, BIVOCOM TD210 DTU Series, device housing, etc. The main function of this part is to collect the data from meter, and transfer the data through TD210 over 4G/3G/CDMA/GPRS cellular network to data center. 2. Data center and management Includes data server, application server, monitors, etc., this is for data storage, analysis, display, etc.
1. Remote reporting power usage in real time, efficient, accurate and cost saving.

2. Support multiple data centers, so that different departments can get sync same data.

3. Remote diagnose and check system 4. Low power consumption, energy-saving.
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