Chain Store Payment and Monitor System

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Background and Challenges
Background and Challenges Convenience stores are everywhere in cities of China, both in downtown and suburb. Some large stores have increasing number of chain stores in different locations, and they’ve been looking for a convenient, cost-saving system to remote monitor and manage all their chain stores, such as the sales, stock number, as well the video surveillance of the stores.
System Requirements
The BIVICOM TR341 Router series has helped the customers to solve the concerns they have. The system includes bellows,

1. Front end terminals POS, vending machine, IP Camera, etc.

2. Transmission and network BIVOCOM TR341 WIFI Cellular Router Series, using 4G/3G cellular network

3. Data Center and Control Room Local and remote data center and IP surveillance control room. All the data, video will be collected through front end terminals, then transfer to data center and control room by BIVICOM TR341 via 4G/3G cellular network.
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