City Flood Monitor and Alarm System

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Background and Challenges
In recent years, the rapid growth of economics and development of the city has changed the city a lot in China, more and more overpass and tunnel, as well as underground parking lot have been built. Besides, the global climate change has caused lots of unusual bad weather, including heavy rainfall, typhoon, hurricane, etc., so urban waterlogging disasters have become a big threat to the city. So the city management department has paid attention to build a flood prevention and alarm system to reduce the loss of human life and belongings.
System Requirements
The city flood prevention and alarm system includes, 1. Sensor of water level and rainfall The sensor of water level will be installed in tunnel, underground parking lot, river and reservoir, etc., while sensor of rainfall will be installed in different sites to monitor the rainstorm. 2. Wireless data transmission All the data collected by front sensors will be transferred to monitor and alarm center through BIVOCOM TD210 Series DTU over 4G/3G/GPRS/CDMA cellular network l Monitor and Alarm Center Center server will process and analyze the front data of water level and rainfall, and send alarm message to residence.
1. Monitor the real time of water level in tunnel and underground parking lot, as well as other low-lying areas in the city
2. Monitor the real time rainfall of the whole city
3. Send alarm message timely, reduce loss of human life and belongings
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