Digital Signage Wireless Advertisement Solution

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    Media Company EU
  • Sector
    Digital Signage
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Background and Challenges
The fast growth of urbanization also drives the expansion of city size, and we can see more and more shopping malls and tall buildings were built up, so doing advertisement through LED billboard is more popular and widespread, and have been widely used in finance, telecom, shopping malls, public place, etc. And the changing demand of multimedia LED billboard, including motion digital and video, make the maintenance and management become a challenge.
System Requirements
The whole system include display system, transmission and management center 1. Display System Includes motion digital, video display, etc.

2. Data Transmission BIVOCOM TD210 DTU series, or TR321, TR341 Router series

3. Management Center Remote update the advertisement, and monitor the status of billboard.
1. Remote configure display times and contents.
2. Both digital and video can be public remotely
3. Easy to update and maintain
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