Electric Transmission Line Monitor

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Background and Challenges
Electric transmission line is an important part of state grid. While because the transmission lines are widely installed in different regions with various environment, so how to ensure the reliability and stability, and monitor the status of transmission lines is part of the power workers’ daily work. Traditional method is using the manpower to check the status, and that may work in some areas, but there are also some challenges when 1. Transmission line are widely distributed in complex environment 2. Lots of data need to be monitored in real time, which is hard to do that manually all the time. So an automated, accurate and real time monitoring, checking and management system is required.
System Requirements
1. Data collection system To collect data of temperature, humidity, wind speed, ice of line inclination of tower, etc. 

2. Data transmission BIVOCOM TD210 Series DTU to connect with data collection system through serial port(RS232, RS485 or RS422, TTL, I/O), and transparently transfer the data to data center and control room.

3. Data center and control room All remote data will transferred to data center, and control room can analysis and monitor the real time status of transmission line, and then take action immediately if there are urgency.
1. Remote monitor the status of transmission line in real time

2. Remote diagnose and check system

3. Ensure security and reliability of transmission lines
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