Fleet management

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    Logistics Company
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    Fleet management
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Background and Challenges
Shopping online has become more and more popular, and the fast growth of ecommerce has also driven the growth of logistics. With thousands of packages have been shipped daily, the logistics companies have to increase their logistics vehicle team. However, how to monitor and manage all the vehicles, including location, speed, arrival time, etc., and offer better service for customers, an intelligent and advanced positioning and monitoring system is required.
System Requirements
The system includes GPS location, video surveillance, sensors of temperature and speed of vehicles, and all those data or video will be transferred to data center and management center through BIVOCOM TR341 Series Router over 4G/3G cellular network.
1. Remote monitor the operation of all vehicles in real time, speeding alarm, etc. 2. Get real time location information of the vehicle, to avoid driving at wrong direction and vehicle theft, to ensure the goods safety
3. Real time video surveillance, to avoid man made damage and theft.
4. Temperature checking, good for cold storage, frozen items transportation, etc. 5. Provide real time view for user
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