For a low carbon future

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    Environment Agency
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    Air quality
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Climate change has been a big threat to our earth, and to pursue a sustainable low carbon future has become a global consensus, so in December of 2015, a landmark agreement was reached in Paris with the common aim to combat the climate change, which we called it Paris Agreement.

As a party of the agreement, the Chinese government has taken actions to protect the ecological environment, including investment of supporting companies to upgrade their waste water treatment and exhaust gas emission system, meanwhile, installing monitoring system to monitor the real time water and air quality level in different places, including industrial areas, water resources, even in remote areas, there are mobility monitoring stations working in different sites, or mobility air quality monitoring vehicle, river water quality containers, by using the mobility technology, the Environment Department is able to monitor the water quality, air quality anytime and anywhere.

As a leading wireless solution provider of IoT and M2M in China, Bivocom has been dedicated on offering solutions for environmental protection industry for years, success cases includes, dust and noisy monitor at construction sites, O3, NO2, CO2, PM2.5 air quality monitoring, water and waste water treatment. And Bivocom’s RTU gateway series TG501, TG462 has been widely used for environmental protection.
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