High Speed Road Tunnel Monitoring System

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Background and Challenges
China is a country with thousands of mountains, so there are many tunnels and bridges along with the high speed road, while accident may happen at those places especially when there is bad weather, which will cause heavy traffic jam and second accidents, so an intelligent, high efficient automatic monitoring system is required by the transportation department, to monitor the traffic flow, power system, environment, in the tunnel.
System Requirements
As high speed road normally are far away from residential area or sparsely populated area where wiring is hard or expensive to get, so wireless solution would be good to solve those issues. The system is to mainly monitor the traffic flow, internal environment (visibility, particles and ventilation), seepage water and accidents in the tunnel, and collect all the data, picture and video, then transfer to data center through BIVOCOM TR321 or TR341 Series Router over 4G/3G cellular network.
1. Remote monitor the track flow, internal environment of tunnel.
2. Good for taking action when there is bad weather and accidents, ensure the safety of tunnel and track.
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