Let the Mining Area be Safe

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Background and Challenges
Australia is a country with plenty of mining resources, and mining is one of Australia’s primary industries and economic contributors. To make sure the mining area is safe for workers and facilities, the mining companies cooperate with survey companies to monitor the displacement of mining area.

A survey company in Australia was using an instrument for displacement monitor of the mining area, and some of their customers are asking for a solution that can transfer the data from onsite in real time, in addition, the user can login a web portal to see the data anytime and anywhere. While the challenges the survey company facing was that, the instruments they’re using doesn’t support wireless data transmission, so they have to get the onsite data and manually upload the data to their server where the users can login to see, and it costs lots of labor and time, in addition, it’s hard for users to view the data in real time.
Bivocom Solutions
Bivocom Solutions The instruments the survey company used has RS232, and it has built in battery to operate the instruments, so Bivocom recommended the industrial cellular gateway TG451-LF, which has RS232/RS485, 5 Ethernet ports, 2-Relay, WIFI, the RS232 is for transferring the data of instruments to the cloud server, and relay helps the customer to remote turn on/off and instruments to save the battery, and WIFI is flexible for the onsite worker to connect other devices and easy for maintenance, as it supports radius.
By using the Bivocom TG451-LF, customer is able to

1) Transfer the data from onsite to server in real time

2) Remote control the instrument

3) Reduce the cost of labor and energy consumption

4) User can check the data anywhere and anytime

5) Increase the customer satisfaction

6) To ensure a safe mining area
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