Oil Well Remote Monitor

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Background and Challenges
Having a solution that is able to view and control the oil well and oil field in real time has been a challenge for the rig and refinery company. Because oil well and oil field are widespread in large coverage, and problems of drilling oil caused by harsh environment, system shutdown and human error sometimes make oil production halt, which affects the output and also bring trouble for management.
System Requirements
BIVOCOM recommends a wireless monitor and control solution, which uses wireless, intelligent and automation technology to cover all the oil well and oil field, reduce the risk of problems caused by human error, monitor the weather and system in real time, to promote the output and reduce consumption. The system includes 1. Data collection system To collect data of pressure, current, voltage, temperature, etc. 2. Data transmission BIVOCOM TD210 DTU Series, to transfer the data to center through 4G/3G/CDMA/GPRS cellular network. 3. Data center Data storage and process, remote control the system, etc.
1. Auto check and display data of current, voltage, temperature, etc.

2. Wireless remote monitor and automation, cost-saving.

3. Data auto transferred and report, real time monitor and alert, reduce incident.

4. Able to manage and monitor one oil field or multi oil fields in unified.
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