Public Bicycle Rental Wireless Solution

  • Client
    Bike Rental
  • Department
    Smart city
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Background and Challenges
Traffic jam has become one of the headache topics and challenges for the city management department in large city, as well as for environmental protection department. Because of those concerns, a new public bicycle rental business has come out, and have been widely expended to many cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, etc.
System Requirements
The system integrated with video surveillance, RFID card, data storage, data center and server, and mainly includes followings

1. Front end system Automatic RFID card issuer and reader system, sensor switch, video surveillance, etc.
2. Communication system BIVOCOM TR341 Series Router
3. Server Data base, SMS platform and management platform, etc. All the video, rental info (usage of bicycle, time and fee, etc.), will be transferred to data center through TR341 over 4G/3G cellular network.
1. Integrated with video surveillance, automatic RFID card issuer and reader system, platform management and monitor, SMS.
2. Intelligent, wireless and remote monitor and management.
3. Effectively alleviate the pressure of the public transportation.
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