Refrigerator Truck Monitor

  • Client
    Refrigerator truck
  • Sector
    Fleet management
  • Year
Background and Challenges
Refrigerator truck has been widely used for carrying seafood, medicine, dangerous cargo. However, with the fast increasing number of refrigerator trucks, how to monitor the truck, temperature and humidity of wagon box in real time to ensure the security of cargo, reduce the loss, has become a challenge to the transportation companies.
System Requirements
The monitoring system includes temperature, humidity and door open status of truck, and all those data will be collected by sensors in the truck, then transferred to data center and monitoring center through BIVOCOM TD210 DTU series, to monitor all the data in real time, besides, it supports SMS alarm function.
1. Monitor temperature and humidity of truck in real time
2. temperature and humidity change tendency can be displayed at center
3. SMS Alarm function, to notice the administrative and driver of the temperature, humidity and door status.
4. Provide real time view for user
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