Tower Crane Monitoring System

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    Construction Company
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    Tower Crane
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Background and Challenges
Tower crane in the city has been widely used for construction. While because tower crane is built in near residence area, a monitoring solution to ensure the security of tower crane is critical to protect the workers and properties onsite and nearby, as well as the operation of tower crane.
System Requirements
The wireless remote monitoring solution uses wireless technology, which is wiring free, easy to install and cost-effective, as well as flexible. And it includes, 1. Sensors and IP Camera Sensor to collect the data of lifting weight, temperature, height of lifting, etc., and IP camera is to monitor the workers operate the tower crane, and to avoid maloperation. 2. Wireless transmission terminal BIVOCOM TR341 Series Router connected with sensors and IP camera, then transfer the data and video to center. 3. Management and Monitoring Center Integrated with data server, application server and monitor screen, to store, compute, analyze and monitor data collected by sensors, then process the data, and send alarm message to onsite workers. Besides, real time video surveillance is also supported.
1. Integrated with video surveillance, tower crane monitoring and alarm system, to ensure the correct operation and security.
2. Monitor lifting weight, height, wind speed and environment of onsite in real time, auto sending alarm message.
3. Easy to install and manage
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