Traffic Flow and Speeding Monitoring

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    smart traffic
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The expressway has the characteristics of large traffic flow and fast driving speed. It often has a large number of tunnels and bridges. These tunnels and bridges are accident-prone sections. Especially in bad weather, traffic accident and traffic jam are very easy to happen. In this instance, it is very necessary to establish intelligent and efficient automatic monitoring system for the high-speed traffic accident. However, more sections of highways are located in remote areas with quite few people. And it will be extremely high cost and inconvenient to do wiring. Therefore, Bivocom’s wireless monitoring solution will be your good choice, which based on 4G/3G/GPRS cellular network.
System Design
Bivocom wireless monitoring system for Expressway tunnel is mainly implement to detect the traffic flow and velocity in the tunnel, and at the same time to detect the environmental conditions in the tunnel, such as particulate matter, visibility, water seepage in the tunnel, ventilation condition and so on. The wireless monitoring system of the tunnel mainly adopts the wireless 3G/4G industrial router as the core data transmission equipment, and transmits the traffic flow and environmental status collected by the field device to the remote data center or cloud IoT platform for analyzing via Modbus/Python/MQTT protocol.

System Composition
1. IP camera
2. Environment condition detection sensor
3. Traffic flow sensor
4. Vehicle velocity sensor
5. Bivocom industrial 4G/3G/2G DTU or router
6. Remote data server center or cloud for scheduling and analysis; Mainly responsible for the analysis and management of the original data, and system analysis results display, processing.
Solution Benefits
1. Automate to collect, transmit, store, and monitor kinds of data from the filed devices, which reduce the operator’s maintain cost.
2. Strong anti-interference capability, to ensure the stability of equipment and systems, data integrity, data reliability.
3. The realization of wireless remote monitoring, to solve the difficult on wiring and construction, so that the tunnel monitoring become intelligent, fast and convenient.
4. 24-hour continuous monitoring, timely detection of hidden dangers to ensure good tunnel conditions and traffic safety.
5. Industrial and transmission equipment, to ensure that the equipment permanently online, real-time data transmission, security. 6. Low power consumption equipment, high efficiency, energy saving.
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