Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

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Background and Challenges
There are so many buses running on the road every day in China, and the fleet management companies have been looking for a tracking and monitoring system that can help them to manage the vehicles of company, which they can get real time location, temperature, humidity of the vehicles, as well as video surveillance, to ensure the safety of vehicles.
System Requirements
Vehicle tracking and monitoring scheme mainly includes the video surveillance, GPS, wireless transmission, platform monitoring and scheduling, etc. To real-time access to the front of vehicle, driving seat and cabin, as well as location, temperature, speed, etc., and store those data and video locally, then auto report to data center via BIVOCOM TR341 Series Router through 4G/3G cellular network, which is good for monitoring and scheduling the vehicles.
1. Real time video surveillance of cabin or surroundings, to ensure safety and good for accident analysis. 2. Easy to get real time location of vehicle and track. 3. Temperature monitor and alarm, especially for refrigerator car. 4. Extendable function, such as door status checking and WIFI service for passengers. 5. Good for intelligent vehicle scheduling.
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