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Background and Challenges
Vending machines are very popular in large cities, and you can see them in shopping mall, office building, street and even residential area. So how to manage and monitor those machines has become a challenge. Besides, in some region, having a wired network for the machines is unavailable and high cost.
System Requirements
Based on the challenges customers are facing, BIVICOM suggest customer its industrial cellular router TR321 series, the vending machines connected with TR321 through Ethernet port or serial port, then transfer the data through 4G/3G cellular network to data center, while the data center can remote check the data and manage all the machines. The whole system will includes: 1. Front end terminals Vending machines and IP Camera, which support pay by cash or coins, or mobile APP. 2. Data and video transmission BIVICOM TR321 Router Series, with 2 LAN ports, and 1 Serial port, or TR341 Router series, with 4 LANS, 1 WAN, Serial port and I/O port. 3. Data Center Remote monitor the status of machines, including, operation, sales number and video, etc.
1. Easy to manage, purchase, sale and stock, improve the efficiency, save labor and operation cost

2. Use VPN/VPDN of BIVOCOM router to ensure data security.

3. Extendable function, supports mobile APP pay. 4. Wireless network, flexible to install the machines
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