How to use CLI on Bivocom Routers and Gateways
Bivocom Router and Gateway products support Command Line Interface (CLI) operation. It integrated "BusyBox" commands list in it. Also provide AT commands for further operations.

1. Connect your laptop network on Bivocom Router or Gateway LAN via wired cable or WiFi. This instruction take TG451 as example.
2. Telnet to Bivocom Router/Gateway via CMD or Putty tool. The default IP address of Bivocom devices is, while default username and password both "admin".
3. Execute the Linux commands which included in "Busybox".
4. Users are allowed to execute AT commands by "send_at_cmd /dev/ttyUSB2 <AT command>", to perform any operations from module.
How to setup Modbus Master and Transfer my sensor data over MQTT on TG462
In this demonstration case, I just acquired a common Temperature & Humidity sensor data via Modbus, and convert to Json format then upload to Things Board(example) platform via MQTT. It’s very easy to setup the configuration on our devices web portal or config tool. Here I took some screenshot for you reference it.

1. Once you got the Modbus instruction from sensor’s datasheet, (like what’s the function code, what’s the register address and counts…), then just input these info on our device webUI or config tool.
2. For MQTT side, we provide visible settings on webUI, also provide some self defined field to match some platform’s requested (in Things Board case we don’t need it).
3. Besides, we provide some other settings like data acquire period, upload period, if cache data when network disconnected.
Briefly summary, we acquire Temperature & Humidity data 01 04 00 02 XX XX XX XX XX from sensor, then convert to readable Json data “{ "ts":1582858650562, "params":{ "temperature":29.6,"humidity":41.9 } }”, and then public to your platform. For this whole processes, each steps are flexible and visible to configure.

We support this feature on all of our devices, TD210, TR321, TR341, TG451, TG462, etc.
How to setup my TR321-M connection on LTE Cat-M1 NB-IoT network 
Normally your TR321-M device will automatic detect and attach the Cat-M1 NB-IoT network. If wait for a long while and still not setup the connection. Please following the below steps checking.
1) Please use the Firmware version higher than for your TR321-M. Ask Bivocom technical support to get latest firmware, and do a full reset after upgrade the firmware.
2) Use the “3G” protocol to dial up the Cat-M1 network, which setting on Setup>>WAN>>Protocol. And input necessary APN and PIN code if SIM card requested.
Bivocom router TR321
3) You are allowed to telnet to the TR321-M device via telnet as default, and command “send_at_cmd /dev/ttyUSB2 AT+COPS?” to check the result. The responds would like “+COPS: 0,0,"460 01",7” , .

The latest explanation for last number is,
0 User-specified GSM access technology
1 GSM compact
7 User-specified LTE M1 A GB access technology 9 User-specified LTE NB S1 access technolog.
How to read data of your PLC via Modbus TCP on TR321
1. Setup TR321 and connect your laptop network in TR321’s LAN.
2. telnet to TR321 from your laptop by telnet the username password both “admin” as default.
3. Execute a command “hw_info set model 2:S:E:S:1”
4. full reset to factory by long press the “Reset” hole.
5. Reconnect to your TR321 and access to its webUI, you will see there is an item for Modbus TCP setting.
6. Enable a Modbus TCP server and config the IP address accordingly (like your PLC IP address).
7. On the Modbus Rules setting, choose the Interface as “Modbus Server 1” which we enabled in previous step, and configure other Modbus rule settings then “Add” and “Save & Apply”.
8. Point the data to your data center by configure the Server Settings, Bivocom support multiple protocols like MQTT, TCP, UDP…, and reform the data format as Json or Transprant.
 How to Upgrade Your Legacy PLC to Cloud by TR321
Are you bothered about remote control and manage your legacy PLC? Taking your laptop to field and update them time and time again should not be a good solution.

Now, it’s time to upgrade your legacy PLC with Bivocom TR321 industrial router. Benefit from Bivocom cellular network communication technology, Bivocom TR321 helps to connect your legacy PLC and controller to cloud, which is smart and easy for remote management.
We all know Modbus protocol is widely used for IoT and M2M, Bivocom TR321 can work as a Modbus Master to acquire data from PLC or sensors via RS232, RS485, and RJ45 ports. Normally, PLC provides Ethernet RJ45 for communication, in this case we can setup TR321 as Modbus TCP Client to acquire data from PLC following the preset rules, and transmit data to cloud server via TCP/UDP/MQTT/HTTP, etc.

This article will tell you how to setup Bivocom TR321 Modbus TCP feature to acquire PLC data and transmit to your cloud data center.

1. Setup Bivocom TR321 and connect your laptop network in TR321’s LAN by Ethernet cable or WiFi.
2. Ensure the firmware is higher than If not, please ask Bivocom support for latest firmware.
3. Telnet to TR321 from your laptop by “telnet” the username password both “admin” as default.
4. Execute a command “hw_info set model 2:S:E:S:1” to enable Modbus TCP feature.
5. Full reset to factory by long press the “Reset” hole.
6. Enable the Data Acquire feature by setting on “Basic Setting”, set the collect period, report period, and other related settings.
7. Reconnect to your TR321 and access to its WebUI, there is an “Interface Setting” menu for Modbus TCP setting. 8. Enable a Modbus TCP server and config the IP address according to your PLC IP address.
9. Setting the Modbus Rules according your PLC device datasheet. On the “Modbus Rules setting” menu, choose the Interface as “Modbus Server 1” which we enabled in previous step, and configure other Modbus rule settings then “Add” and “Save & Apply”.
10. Setting your data center server. Transmit the data to your data center by configuring the Server Settings, Bivocom support multiple protocols like MQTT, TCP, UDP…, and reform the data format as Json, Transprant, or HJ212 (special for some Environment SCADA).
After all previous settings done, Bivocom TR321 will connect your PLC and your SCADA platform for data communication without any manual operation.
Contact Bivocom representative to get a demo now. [email protected]
To learn more about TR321, please click here.
How to configure the Relay of TG451 on Web UI
For the configuration of relay, please go to TG451 WebUI>>Advanced>>DI DO to manually test it. you should hear a “click” when Close the relay.
What is the definition of DI and DO on TG451
Regarding the relay and DI, Bivocom TG451 support control the DI and DO (relay) ports from server following Modbus RTU protocol. For DI, we use 02 function code to read its status, while use 06 function code for DO/Relay control. The below table shows the corresponding command and responds,
Can I remote reboot the router via SMS
Yes, you can reboot the router by sending SMS: "reboot,<password>" , and you'll receive SMS from router: start to reboot, that means router reboot successfully.
Where can I can configure IP address and port of server to TD210?
1. First of all, go to our website to download the config tool of TD210

2. Open the config tool, then go to DTU Config, and then go to Network Setting, and you will find that you can configure up to 5 data center's sever IP and port.
How many digital input/output and analog input on TD210
There are 5 I/O interface in total, which supports 3 digital input or output(3.3V), and 2 analog input(4-20mA), we can customize analog input up to 3, if you have other requirement, please contact us at [email protected]
Are your routers based on OpenWRT or DD WRT?
Bivocom routers and gateway are designed based on OpenWRT with our own kernel, support LUA and Python environment, which means your engineers can write their own applications based on LUA, Python, and install the applications to our routers and gateways.
What types of VPN protocol supported by your routers?
The BIVOCOM TR321, TR341 Router series and TG451 series gateway support PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, OpenVPN, and you can go to web UI of router to configure.
How can I manage routers remotely
Bivocom routers and gateway support Remote Management platform which allow you configure the IP address and port of remote server, device number and phone number of router, etc., as below.

1) Remote Manage
You can enable or disable this function to choose if you want to remote manage the router or not.

2) Server Address
Type the specified login server address you want to remote mange the router, it can be either an IP address or Domain Name.

3) Server Port
The specified login server port.

4) Heartbeat Interval
The heartbeat time interval (Unit: second)

5) Device Number
Device ID of router.

6) Device Phone Number
The phone number of SIM card insert in router.

7) Device Type
Type of the device, default is router.

8) Remote Upgrade
Click ‘Enable’ to enable remote firmware upgrade function.

9) Server Address
Type the server IP address or Domain Name for remote upgrade.

10) Server Port
Type the server port for remote upgrade.

11) Firmware Version
Type the firmware version that you want to upgrade remotely.
FAQs of IP Modem
1) ‘Power’ light is inoperative
Make sure the power supply is ranging 5-35V, and polarity is correct.

2) Couldn’t connect DTU to server
Make sure SIM card is the card holder and locked correctly, and antenna is fasten.
1.Check the IP address and port of server in the configuration tool is correct. 2.Check whether the server is working.
3.Check if the SIM is out of service(charges owed) and function of data is on.

3) The device couldn’t enter into configuration mode.
1.Check the connection of RS232/RS485 is correct.
2.Is the RS232/RS485 connected to your computer or laptop and serial port of computer or laptop is working.
3.Check whether the baud rate of computer or laptop is the same as DTU.
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