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Bivocom launches a one-stop solution of environmental protection monitor for an industrial area, helping the environment department to remote monitor the temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and more important is to monitor the level of CO, NO2, H2S, O3, NH3, SO2.

Bivocom offers the whole packages, from the cabinet, industrial power adapter, sensors, RTU TY511, and IoT platform, delivering a plug and play solution for customers.
Industrial cellular RTU TY511
1. Rich I/O for diverse IoT sensors
    ● 2-RS232, 2-RS485, 8-DI, 8-DO, 8-ADC, 2-Pulse, 3-Power output, 1-SD slot

2. 3 Power output providing DC power to your field sensors and equipment

3. 16MB flash for local data storage and backup, with additional micro SD card supports up to 16GB data.

4. LCD display and keyboard for quick basic device configuration and data check.
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