The characteristics of MQTT industrial routers

To understand what an MQTT industrial router is, you must understand what MQTT is first.

What is the  MQTT protocol?

The full name of MQTT ( Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol ) is the abbreviation of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol . It is a message transmission protocol based on a lightweight proxy publish / subscribe model . It runs on the TCP protocol stack and provides it with orderly and reliable Guaranteed, two-way connection network connection.


Based on this, the MQTT industrial router is an MQTT protocol installed on the router , so why is it related to the industrial router?

The MQTT protocol is a protocol designed for communication between remote sensors and control devices that have a large amount of limited computing power and work on low-bandwidth, unreliable networks. The following are its characteristics

1. Use the publish / subscribe message model to provide one-to-many message publishing and decoupling applications;

2. There are three types of message publishing service quality:

( 1 ) “At most once”, the release of messages depends entirely on the underlying TCP/IP network. Message loss or duplication may occur. This level can be used in the following situations: environmental sensor data, loss of a reading record does not matter, because the second transmission will be performed soon.

( 2 ) “At least once” to ensure that the message arrives, but message duplication may occur.

( 3 ) “Only once” to ensure that the message arrives once. This level can be used in situations where, in a billing system, duplicate or missing messages can lead to incorrect results.

3. Small transmission and low overhead (fixed length header is 2 bytes), protocol exchange is minimized to reduce network traffic;

4. Message transmission that shields the content of the load;

5. Provide network connection using TCP/IP ;

6. Use the Last Will and Testament features to notify related parties of the mechanism of abnormal client interruption.

Based on the above characteristics, it is more suitable for the current Internet of Things industry, and may become an important part of the Internet of Things. This protocol supports all platforms, can connect almost all IoT items with the outside, and is used as a communication protocol for sensors and actuators.

The application data transmission in the Internet of Things industry is basically an industrial scenario. Therefore, the requirements for the ability of some equipment to adapt to the environment and the anti-interference ability are relatively high, and industrial-grade equipment also has the same requirements for wireless transmission.

Total News TR341 Series Industrial Router is an industrial router, not only supports China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile 5G / 4G / 3G , and backward compatible with EDGE , CDMA 1X and GPRS networks. It also supports MQTT protocol and multiple VPN protocols ( OpenVPN , IPSEC , PPTP , L2TP, etc.) to ensure the security of data transmission, and supports RS232 (optional RS485 ) and Ethernet interface, I/O interface (optional) and WiFi function.

In this regard, the in-depth research, development and performance improvement of industrial routers, an important transmission equipment for the Internet of Everything, will also be the main trend in the development of the Internet of Things industry.

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