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Bivocom Partners with Quectel on Smart Grid

Meter reader, a career bearing the imprint of the past era, has been gradually vanishing since the first invention of old-style mechanical electricity meter in the 19th century. Young people today would not image the scene, that meter readers hold heavy bags wandering about the streets like peddlers or postmen, struggling with heavy sun, snow, dog bark […]
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Smart and Sponge City

China’s rapid urbanization in the past decades has changed people’s life and economy, however, it also brings some trouble and pressure to the city management national wide, such as urban flooding, polluted water, less water supply, degradation of urban ecosystems and green areas. To solve those issues, in 2014, the Sponge City” concept was initiated […]
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ev charging station

Bivocom launches smart EV Charging station

According to an industry report, China has been the largest EV(Electric Vehicle) market in the world, in 2018, about 1.25 million new energy vehicles were sold in China, which accounts for 62.5% of worldwide market share. Both traditional and startup carmakers are investing more and more money and resources on designing and manufacturing Electric Vehcile, […]
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Build a safe gas substion by using TD210

Natural gas was discovered in ancient China and first used by Chinese thousand years ago. Today, it has played an important role in our daily life, which has been used for cooking, heating, electricity generation, as well as a fuel for vehicle, such as bus, taxi, etc. Since natural gas was distributed by pipeline underground […]
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power meter reading

Bivocom helps to build a smart grid solutions

We help a state grid corporation to build a smart grid solutions for people. To create a smart and better world is one of our mission, and we’ve been on the way with our global partners. In this solution, Bivocom recommends a 4g modem TD210, which supports RS232, RS485, with build in TCP/IP, MQTT, Modbus […]
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tg501 rtu

Bivocom launches new 4G compact RTU TG501

Bivocom has officially launched a new RTU TG501, supports 4G/3G, GPS, DI, AI, Relay, RS232, RS485, with TCP/IP, Modbus protocols, and you don’t need to worry about losing your field data, cause you can store the data to Bivocom device.
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UK partner

Europe Partner visit Bivocom

June 16-18, Xiamen, China, a Europe partner visit Bivocom office and factory, it was a great meeting with our partner, it’s always good to learn market and customer needs from local partner, it drives us to make better solution
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