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Background Hydroelectricity has been used for decades, and is still playing an important role for generating the electricity for our daily life today. To get such renewable energy, a dam and reservoir with hydropower plant is required, however, it may also impact the ecological environment downstream flow if it’s not well monitored and managed. In order to maintain the sustainable development of ecology, China has released policies to ask all hydropower plants national wide to build a monitoring and alarm system, which the water department can remote monitor the water level, water quality, water flow of dam and reservoir, as well as downstream flow, to protect the environment of downstream flow.
While since this system is to monitor different types of sensors, such as, water level, water quality, water flow, video and power usage of the whole system, so find a device that support all types of sensors and protocol is a big challenges to the customer.
Bivocom Solutions
Bivocom recommended its industrial Edge gateway TG462 as a data transmission terminal, which supports Ethernet ports, digital input, analog input, relay output, WIFI, GPS, which is able to connect to different types of sensors and devices that customer required.
1. A cost effective solution which integrates all types of sensors and devices into one TG462.
2. Able to monitor the water flow, water level, water quality, rain gauge and weather condition in real time.
3. Real time video stream to monitor the whole system Sending alert notification to administrator and operator
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