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Romania_Liquid CO2_TD210

Bivocom Helps to Monitor Storage Tank of Liquid CO2

What is liquid carbon Dioxide? Liquid carbon dioxide is carbon dioxide gas that is highly compressed and cooled to a liquid form.   What is liquid carbon dioxide used for? Liquid CO2 has been used in many industries, including Food and beverage industry, Water treatment industry, Metal fabrication, Nurseries, Pulp and paper industry.   How liquid […]
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Industrial Area VOC Monitor and Alarm Solution

Bivocom 4G MQTT modem TD210 helps the Environment Department to monitor VOC(Volatile organic compounds) in the industrial area. TD210 is an industrial MCU built-in cellular modem that provides robust and reliable 4G/3G connectivity, capable of converting Modbus to JSON and transfer the data over MQTT.
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the-nb-iot-is-coming tw810

The NB-IoT Is Coming!

June 12, 2017, Bivocom Technologies, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT, was invited to attend the forum of NB-IoT that held in China, Yingtan internet of things industrial park. And Bivocom’s NB-IoT modem TW810-N was the only one terminal that was displayed with smart meter at one of Chinese largest carriers China Telecom’s showroom. […]
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