Bivocom Helps to Monitor Storage Tank of Liquid CO2

In this article, we’re going to share with you how Bivocom helps to monitor the storage tank of liquid CO2 in Europe.

Before we get started, there are something we need to know below.


What is liquid carbon Dioxide?

Liquid carbon dioxide is carbon dioxide gas that is highly compressed and cooled to a liquid form.


What is liquid carbon dioxide used for?

Liquid CO2 has been used in many industries, including Food and beverage industry, Water treatment industry, Metal fabrication, Nurseries, Pulp and paper industry.


How liquid CO2 is stored?

Generally, CO2 gas is transported, stored and handled in liquid form, either in cylinders, non-insulated storage tanks, or refrigerated tanks at certain temperature and pressure.


How IoT Ensure Secure Storage of Liquid CO2

Since liquid CO2 requires certain temperature and pressure, so how to ensure the gas is securely stored and transported anywhere and anytime?

Thanks to the IoT technology, it’s easy to set up a remote monitor system for monitoring the status of tank pressure, temperature, flow of liquid CO2.

By using Bivocom industrial cellular modem TD210, a food company in Europe has launched a remote monitor and alarm system to monitor their storage tank. The TD210 is an industrial MCU built-in serial modem that comes with RS232, RS485, MQTT/Modbus RTU/TCP, TCP/UDP, customer can get the real time data of remote storage tank at anywhere and anytime.

About TD210

● Industrial MCU built in, rugged and reliable
● Global 4G/3G/2G compatible
● 1-RS232, 1-RS485
● Modbus RTU, MQTT, TCP/UDP protocols
● Transparent data transmission, Modbus to JSON over MQTT, CSD
● AT Command, SMS
● Up to 5 sync data center

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